• 25265 Castellnou de Seana (Lleida)

PRICE AND RESERVATIONS capacity of 1 to 8 people

  • 1 Night 200.00 €
  • 2 Nights / Weekend 400.00 €
  • Full week , bank holidays and high season Consult

To confirm your reservation must pay 50 % of the price.
These prices include VAT ware house , loading firewood and billiards .
Tourist tax not included .
Not allowing the use of high-powered music devices that can disrupt the peace of the neighbors .
No pets allowed without prior permission of the owners.
We do not accept credit cards.

Cancellation of the reservation
1. L'establiment tourist accommodation is obliged to inform the user before the signing of the contract, the terms of cancellation.
2. The cancellation made by the user within 10 days prior to arrival date results in the following penalties, unless otherwise agreed:

a) Reserve for two days or less, 50% of the total price of your stay.
b) Reserve for more than two days to seven days, 35% of the total price of your stay.
c) Reserve for more than seven days, 25% of the total price of your stay.

The above penalties do not apply when the cancellation occurs due to force majeure, duly accredited.

3. The user has the right to cancel a confirmed reservation, without penalty, as long it is before the ten days prior to the arrival date, unless otherwise agreed.

Other house rules:

  • Pets are not allowed.
  • Respect the rules of good use and behavior in the house.
  • Respect rules of good use and behavior in the pool area.
  • Respect rules of coexistence with neighbors.
  • Respect nature and the environment.


* It will incorporate the standard plan of preventive practices such as the application of cleaning and disinfection protocols.

* Will prepare specialized services for couples / families who wish to meet again after confinement.

* Thanks the dedication and effort to all / the Essential Services professionals and offers them special stays for all their respective families.

* Includes a complementary service for the supply of local products during the stay and offers a daily purchase service to local producers (Km0). (If the client requests it).

* Maintains its downward price policy.

* It will facilitate the delivery of documentation and payment by bank transfer prior to arrival

* Flexibility to the maximum of the cancellation policy